Wednesday, 16 January 2013

No Clash for Follow The Arrow 2013?

Despite expectations of possible lyrical clashes, promoter of Follow The Arrow, Dexton Ennis, says he will not be promoting any clashes unless civility is guaranteed when his event returns on March 2.
When the clash between Spice and Macka Diamond did not materialise at Sting on December 26, persons were hinting that it would take place at Follow The Arrow. However, Ennis, who refused to host the event last year due to a bottling incident in 2011, says, "no clash."
He continued: "If I am to have a clash, the parties involved have to show civility. They have to agree that they will keep the show musical. Anything less than that, I won't be part of it."
guarantee civility.


While Macka Diamond is confirmed for the show and willing to clash, he said he is yet to hear anything from Spice.
"I am more than happy to promote any clash as long as I can guarantee civility. If I can't get that from any artiste, I don't want to be part of it. We are mixing the show this year with a level of maturity in terms of the line-up," Ennis told THE STAR.
This maturity will come in the form of artistes like Bounty Killer, Sizzla, Lady Saw, Assassin, Mr Vegas, I-Octane, I-Wayne, Nitty Kutchie, Hero, Flippa Mafia, Mr Lex, Lady G and Wickerman.
Ennis says there will also be two four-the-hard-way segments. There will be one with deejays Burru Banton, Admiral Bailey, Professor Nuts and Major Mackerel, and another segment with singers Freddie McGregor, George Nooks, Cocoa Tea and Louie Culture. The backing bands will be Warrior Love and Ruff Kut. During the one band change, he says there will be a sound clash between Flava Unit and Vertex.
But Ennis says stage shows are becoming even more difficult to host due to the lack of sponsorship. He noted that many companies are refraining from sponsoring dancehall shows due to the use of "profanity (by the artistes) and discrimination against certain groups of people."
He said he is yet to confirm a title sponsor for the show that will be held at James Bond Beach, but he already has other sponsors like Liquid Nitro, Express Interest, Rum-bar Rum, Kia Motors, Onstage, Irie FM, Total Ocho Rios, Autovision and others.
"Whether I have sponsors or not, I will be keeping the show, but it is becoming more challenging. I am tempted to stop keeping shows. Patrons, promoters and artistes have a responsibility to play their part. Why come to my show and misbehave?" he questioned.
"The dynamics of the industry is changing, so you have to change too. Corporate sponsors play a big role in the industry. If we are not getting them, it will affect the pockets of the promoters and cause a reduction in stage shows, which is already happening now."
And for $1,200 presold, $1,500 at the gate and $2,500 VIP, Ennis says he has a lot in store for his patrons.
"I hope that people can come out and have a good show. I am trying my best to have a good, balanced show that people can come out and enjoy '80s, '90s and some current music. We want to please as many persons as possible," he said.
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