Friday, 28 September 2012

Lisa Hyper & Laza Morgan - Gangsta Girl (Raw & Clean) - Platinum Camp

Lisa Hyper & Laza Morgan - Gangsta Girl (Raw & Clean) - Platinum Camp
Not Sure if the song name Gangsta Girl or Gangster Love...

Busy Signal's Manager Shane Brown Tells All...

 Listen To The Interview -

 New York, New York -- September 27, 2012 -- Irish and Chin's Sound Chat Radio secured another highly sought after interview, this time around with incarcerated deejay Busy Signal's manager Shane Brown. He called in to Sound Chat Radio on Tuesday, Sept 25, less than a week after Busy Signal was sentenced to 6 months in prison at a Minnesota Courthouse, for having absconded bail 10 years ago. Shane cleared the air on several issues surrounding the deejay, whose real name is Glendale Gordon and not Reanno Gordon, which is the alias he had been living under.

No topic was off limit, as Sound Chat Radio's host Garfield 'Chin' Bourne asked Shane about prison conditions, which lead to the revealing disclosure of exactly how much weight Busy Signal has lost while being in jail for the last 4 months. Indeed, many of the deejay's manager's responses were very surprising as listeners were shocked to hear that Busy's facility does not allow visitation among other privileges usually granted at other prisons.

The two also discussed how Shane has guided Busy's career clear of all the usual Dancehall feuds and the instrumental decision that saw the deejay recording a full length, highly regarded Reggae album titled "Reggae Again," and not a mix of Dancehall and Reggae as is done by some artistes. Busy's manager speaks on the album's present day sales, as it was released just weeks before the deejay was arrested.

The 30 minute interview was also groundbreaking because Shane has a reputation of being very 'media shy' -- not granting many interviews throughout his many years in the music industry, despite working with top personalities such as Morgan Heritage, Shaggy, The Marley family, Romain Virgo, Chuck Fenda, Lady Saw, Bounty Killer and Shabba just to name a few

Chin's latest interview gave Sound Chat Radio listeners exclusive insight into the mood at the courtroom during Busy's sentencing, personal accounts of the presiding judge's comments and the potential role that the deejay's song "Nah go a jail again," played in the eventual outcome.

Mavado Has A Hit Out On His Head???

David Brooks, more popularly known as Mavado, recent return to local soil has sent tongues wagging and sources close to the deejay have revealed they have strong knowledge of a hit being out on him, THE WEEKEND STAR understands.

"Yea man, dem a say Vado switch, stop do dancehall music and all kinda things but a tru dem nuh see wah gwan from the top ... A safety above anything else right now fi di deejay," expressed the source who requested anonymity.


Tony Matterhorn - Death From The Red Planet - Street Bomb Riddim - Markus Records

Tony Matterhorn - Death From The Red Planet (Tommy Lee, Beenie Man, Aidonia, Agent Sasco, Khago & More Diss)

Future Fambo - Who Does That - Outstanding Records

Future Fambo - Who Does That - Outstanding Records

Super Cat - The Wild Apache (A Tribute Mix)

The Wild Apache, the original Don Dada - Super Cat!
Super Cat released his first single in 1981 and quickly became an iconic deejay.

During his most active years as both live artist on sound systems as Stereo Mars and Killamanjaro and a hitmaker working with the biggest producers in jamaica, he spit out a whole bunch immortal dancehall classics.
Super Cat has built and inspired much of the dancehall we see today and is well deserved to be honoured in the mix "The Wild Indian"!

1. Intro
2. Boops
3. Big & Ready
4. Experienced Lover 

5. Deejay Daddy
6. How Cat Go America 

7. Dance Inna New York

8. Mandela Land

9. Dolly My Baby (ft. Trevor Sparks)
10. Oh It´s You
11. Terminator
12. Cabbin Stabbin (ft. Nicodemus, Jr Demus & Jr Cat)
13. How Yuh Pretty So

14. Sit Down Pon It
15. Too Greedy

16. Jah Run Tings
17. Love Got A Hold
18. Move Up
19. Pops
20. Come Down
21. Sweets For My Sweets
22. Think Me Come Fi Play
23. Under Pressure

24. Crazy Love
25. Jamaica Jamaica
26. Walkathon

27. Coke Don
28. Them No Care
29. Permit Fi Gun

30. Hell A Go Come
31. Cry Fi Di Youths
32. Trash And Ready
33. Don Dada

34. Tun It Over

35. Fight Fi Power
36. Bubble & Wine
37. Abc

38. Girlstown
39. Scalp Dem
40. Must Be Bright
41. Ghetto Red Hot
42. Nuff Man A Dead
43. Dem No Worry We (ft. Heavy D)
44. Sandokan
45. Chalice A Lick
46. Mud Up

47. Vineyard Style
48. Word, Sound & Power
49. Ride & Shut Off
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