Thursday, 4 October 2012

Tommy Lee Clash With Bounty Killer Is A “No Go” – Apologizes To Rumblood

Dancehall artiste Tommy Lee Sparta says he has no interest in a clash or lyrical feud with Bounty Killer. According to the artiste, who released a Bounty Killer dis song last month called Goat Head, clashing only pushes crime and violence.
“War inna dancehall cause crime and violence and mi nuh deh pon dat. Mi nuh deh pon nuh clash thing fi police come pree mi and sey mi start crime,” Tommy Lee Sparta said.

The controversial Goat Head song created much fracas in the dancehall circle, with some Bounty Killer fans expressing discontent with Tommy Lee’s lyrics. However, Tommy Lee who had earlier told THE STAR that he would not disrespect Bounty killer, now says Bounty Killer pushed him to the limit.
“Mi and Bounty Killer a nuh enemy. Mi si Bounty a Sumfest launch and a me fuss hail him because him a elder, but him disrespect mi and mi community and mi people, friends, brothers and sisters. Him even a call up people name wey a nuh artiste,” he continued.
“Mi sorry to the Bounty Killer fans sey dem feel like mi style dem, but mi nuh sorry fi dis Bounty because him tek di wrong approach. Bounty know nuff people who know mi numba, suh if him did mean good and want me to stop deejay bout demon him cudda call mi,” he said.
In addition to receiving backlash from Alliance fans, the Goat Head single also caused a minor friction between Ward 21 artiste/producer Rum Blood and Bounty Killer, due to Tommy Lee’s mention of his name in the song’s punchline.
“Wah mek yu bad mind me likkle … mouth, mi friend Rumblood talk sey yu nyam …”.
Rumblood, however, did not take kindly to Tommy Lee’s lyrics.
“Mi nuh know how it come about, mi and the general good. Mi nuh know if a because Killa sey Rumblood gimme back mi Hennessy. It come een like a style Tommy Lee waah style mi. Mi and everybody good. How Tommy Lee fi use my name and dis the general? Yu dis mi big time. A Bounty all call mi and mek mi hear di song and sey yu hear wey Yammy Lee sey. Mi sey a waah catch him fi wet him with some holy water. Tommy Lee shouldn’t even dis Bounty and the producer dem wey record it just as bad – but mi and Killa still good a Tuesday gone wi guh a one party,” Rum Blood told THE STAR.
Tommy Lee, however, said he did not mean to offend Rumblood.
“No offence to Rumblood, a good youth, love and respect to him. Love and respect to Bounty Killer to, but is like him waah si mi pickney dem dead fi hungry – with the demon thing mi just a play a character mi neva pree myself as nuh demon, a dem tek it literal – but as mi sey, mi dun wid Bounty now, mi speak mi mind and it over now. Mi and him nuh size, mi nah mek dem bridge my current, mi not even listen to him dis song dem,” Tommy Lee said.
Currently, Rumblood is working on a new reggae one drop project featuring Bugle, while Tommy Lee promises to release some more positive songs such as a one drop called No Love.
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